Горелка Saacke CONOX UCC

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Capacity range

4 —  64 MW


Pulverized lignite or coal, natural gas and oil


Steam and hot water boiler

The main points

  • Reliable compliance with the Chinese emission limits since 2017 for boilers with an output < 65 t/h of 100 or 150 mg/Nm3, depending on the region, at 9% O2 (with secondary measures)*
  • Extremely good burn-out (> 99%)
  • High control range: 1:3 (1:4 possible)
  • Short and stable flame for compact furnaces
  • Long operating times, low boiler contamination
  • Fail-safe SAACKE se@vis control

Efficiently burn pulverized coal with low emissions

The emission limits for the combustion of fossil fuels are constantly falling. Since 2017, NOXlimits of 100 or 150 mg/Nm3 at 9% O2 will apply for new boilers for coal firing with an output < 65 t/h in China’s urban areas. These limits are even well below the strict European standards. They will place great demands on operators of new and existing plants.

The generation of low-emission and efficient energy using coal requires years of technical know-how. As a result, SAACKE has developed the CONOX UCC (Ultra Clean Combustion) system specifically for pulverized coal in Chinese coal power and heating plants. The high flame stability, the sophisticated flue gas recirculation, staged combustion and an ideal fuel-air ratio allows the system to ensure the optimal use of pulverized coal to produce energy in compliance with strict emission values. An extremely good burn-out of > 99% ensures the efficient use of fossil fuel safely. Intelligent combustion air management allows the use of secondary measures such as urea injection to be significantly reduced.

The scope of supply of the overall system includes the burner as well as the control engineering, SNCR and an explosion proof dust dosing system.

To guarantee compliance with the limit values, the individual fuel qualities, which vary from customer to customer, are checked in SAACKE’s in-house testing facility. The quality of the system is confirmed by the over 30 years of experience in pulverized fuel combustion as well as references, which can be viewed at the test facility in Qingdao.

Reduce your nitric oxide emissions with low investment and operating costs, and optimal fuel utilization with the SAACKE CONOX UCC system.

* Depending on coal quality and system concept, NOX emissions of 100 — 250 mg/m3 at 9% O2 are possible. In detail compliance with regulations depends on the necessary coal qualities and the furnace geometry, which SAACKE communicates to the boiler manufacturer. Estimates and guaranteed values on the coal quality can only be provided after a successful measurement run in the SAACKE test facility.

Product information Burner Saacke Conox UCC

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